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Location: Swallows Leisure Centre, Central Avenue, Sittingbourne, ME10 4NT
Parking: Paid for (No refund available)
Day: Mondays     Ages: 5yrs - 16yrs   Session Type: Trampolining 


   Sessions in Sittingbourne, From £8 per session, Yearly Membership applicable

   Monday 4.30 - 5.30pm       Trampolining          Ages 05yrs -10yrs

  Monday 5.30 - 6.30pm       Trampolining          Ages 07yrs -15yrs

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Our Session Structure:
Within the sessions, we have some participants per trampoline, all sessions have timed go's to ensure all participants get equal goes. They get roughly half the session coached the other half they practice and consolidate thier skills to ensure best possible progressions. we use progressions in line with guidelines!
* Co-ordination * Spacial awareness *Self Esteem
* Helps Cognitive Skills * Develops bone strength * Flexibility
* Helps daily exercise needs * social skills
Our History:
The club was first setup by the centre in 1989 run by the founder Colin Hall, in 1990 the centre decided to cease sessions and Colin decided to continue the club in its own right, it was called Swallows Trampoline Club. In 2000 the British Trampoline Federation (BTF) Merged with British Gymnastics so the club had to change its name to Invicta TC then in 2002 it changed to Highly Sprung TC in 2009 Paul took over the club name and running of the club in 2015 we then took on the new name of Aerial TC.
After been forced to shut due to Covid restrictions, we reopened under the guidance of a new body Gymnastic Britannia.
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