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For the safety of all, the following rules MUST be observed.


  • Use the trampoline responsibly and only in the presence of a qualified Coach.


  • Always have trained spotters on each side of the trampoline. End decks or safety mats may replace spotters at the ends of the trampolines.


  • New skills, somersaults, double bouncing, kipping should be performed after training and permission has been given.


  • Jumping from one trampoline to another or from the trampoline to the floor is dangerous and must be discouraged.


  • Wear sports clothes, non-slip socks or trampoline shoes.


  • Tie back long hair and keep fingernails short.


  • Remove watches and jewellery, including body piercing, before jumping on the trampoline.


  • Going under or swinging under the trampoline is dangerous.


  • Stepping on the trampoline when someone else is bouncing is dangerous

  • Always listen to the Coaches / Helpers 

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